2018 SDDA Showcase
Team Schedules - SDDA B2007 Flight 2 Blue
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ALL A      

Winner of bracket based on total points after round robin play.
   Tie Breaker Cards
Group -- A 1  2  Points Ded Total
Goal DiffGoals Against

Points Detail
 A3 : SD Force FC Academy B2007 I- D. Currie33-06 2  3  0 0
 A1 : Cardiff Mustangs - B2007 Red Chiles30-03 1  3  0 0
 A4 : San Diego SC B2007 White03-03 1  5  0 0
 A2 : Barcelona Cantera - B2007 - Blue00-00 -4  7  0 0

Bracket - Saturday, November 10, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 719839  S D Polo Club  09:15 AM  10 A2 vs A1Barcelona Cantera - B2007 - Blue 1 vs.Cardiff Mustangs - B2007 Red Chiles3
 719840  S D Polo Club  09:15 AM  5 A3 vs A4SD Force FC Academy B2007 I- D. Currie 3 vs.San Diego SC B2007 White2
 719842  S D Polo Club  01:00 PM  5 A4 vs A2San Diego SC B2007 White 4 vs.Barcelona Cantera - B2007 - Blue2
 719841  S D Polo Club  02:15 PM  10 A1 vs A3Cardiff Mustangs - B2007 Red Chiles 1 vs.SD Force FC Academy B2007 I- D. Currie2

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